Let it snow: OOTD & sweater tag

nedjelja, veljače 08, 2015

 Snow,again !!! I was really suprised when I woke up yesterday.Cold winter in Tuzla.I went  to get some coffee with my dear friend Amina but we also walked a lot so I could take pictures of my today's outfit.

As I said,it was really cold so I put my beige scarf and my favourite fur hat.I have the hat for 2 years but I wear it a lot.I bought it in New Yorker,it was a little bit expensive like 15  but It was worth it. I combined beige with black,probably my favourite colors. Makeup very simple and natural,mascara,bronzer and some brown eyeshadow... Also there was HUGE SALE in Zara,I bought two pair of jeans,one in olive color and other ones are black and I wore them in this post.
I can't wait for SPRING ! Also my apsolut favourite SWEATER this season was this beige-black sweater from Springfield,they have really good clothes.
Does it snow where you live or did spring already come? Let it snow,let it snow,let it snoow * * *

 Coat: Zara  Scarf:New Yorker  Boots:Skechers 


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