winter tag- scarf & boyfriend jeans

ponedjeljak, siječnja 05, 2015

 Hello there,another outfit post,I want to share my happiness ! Reason are these high-waisted boyfriend jeans.They're from thrift shop.If somebody doesn't know what thrift shop is, that is a store selling secondhand clothes.I love how they look with this military boots,edgy!!! This long brown-rose scarf is really warm and I love tassels at the ends of scarf,it comes from brend named F&F and I really like their clothes and other accesorises. Check it out,you can shop online alsoF&F 

People buy lots of jewerly but I make my own.This ring is one of my favourites,it's yellow rose with silver hoop.
Also I want to mention that my next post will probably be -My winter essentials. Hope you guys like this post and leave your comment down below: "Do you preffer just marked clothing or you have some thrifted clothes ?" .

winter kisses,xoxo Zerina.

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