outfit: turtleneck sweater & cold winter day

nedjelja, siječnja 25, 2015


 Cold winter day ! I went out with my friend because it started snowing again,finally :) I felt frozen and also I had a bad hair day so I put it in a tail.This is my new turtleneck sweater in this mint green color,I like it ! I paired it with my mint green earrings that I ordered online last month,they were really cheap,they're from e-bay.
School is starting in few days soo I will probably post my outfits once a week.This outfit is kind of elegant,but sometimes I just want to try different things and mix it !

I'm glad that turtleneck sweaters are IN this season,because they're really warm and comfortable.
Also last week I went shopping and bought this black ankle-boots.They were on sale and when I saw them I fell in love.You can wear them with everything,jeans,skirts,dresses,leggings ! I love leather and black soo ...perfect if  you ask me.I will wear them next winter really often.

 Jacket:H&M Sweater:Xnation Pants:Esprit Boots:New Yorker

xoxo,Zerina .

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  1. Great looks and you look very beautiful..Love this dress ♥♥♥ she looks good! fit girl.Great look, this dress is very nice And photo is very nice......Love ............. Best and Worst Dresses Photos