OOTD:back to school & new haircut

četvrtak, siječnja 29, 2015

Holla,my back to school outfit as you can see was pretty simple but still pretty cute.My first day at school was really good,I saw all my friends and I had a great time.Now I have to study,so I will post on my blog once or twice a week,just because I'm really busy ,guys...
As I said before,I kept it really simple and appropriate for school.Also I think that you can't make a mistake if you wear white or black.I wanna talk about the purse that I'm holding.I bought it yesterday and it was really cheap.It's not branded but I got it in the local store that sells bags,purses and also clothes.It was on SALE and I got it for only 10€,whoa. I think it is practical and not to big,and I love that is black with these gold details.
My NEW haircut,oh well I didn't like my long hair anymore so I decided to cut it.I think it suits me better then my long hair. Also I read somewhere that short hair is more fashionable in 2015.
Leave comment below if you posted your back to school outfit or something similar,I would love to check it out ! 

Sweater:New Yorker  Jeans:Zara  Boots:Uggs


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