New Year,New Blog

nedjelja, siječnja 04, 2015

 Dear blogers,welcome to my blog.My name is Zerina,I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina,Tuzla.I'm 16 years old and I go to high school.This is my first post,i'm really into fashion and I hope you will like my pictures,outfits,advices and other things that I will post on my blog.

 It was really cold today so I wore this leopard long fur coat.It's really warm and soft,I bought it last winter and I don't have any regrets.This blue-green sweather I got yesterday from my sister.I really like it and I will wear it a lot this winter.
Also Happy New Year and Merry Christmas,have a nice holiday!
Boots:Skechers  Coat:Zara  Sweather:Bershka   Hat:Zara
And now,this is my dear friend Amina and these are some photos from her today's outfit:

Jacket:Zara Hat:New Yorker Boots and bag:Retro Shoes 


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