10 Winter Favourite Beauty&Random Products

četvrtak, siječnja 08, 2015

Holla,I mentioned in my last post that I really want to do something like my winter essentials,so I did one.On these pictures you can find things I like,use and got this winter and majority of them are make-up and other random stuff,no clothing this time haha :) 

*1. picture: Flat Kabuki Brush -I bought it online,maybe E-bay i'm not sure,it was like 3-4 €,not expensive,it's similar those Sigma brushes,check it out! Sigma Foundation Brushes (they're more expensive but probably better quality. )

 *2. Balea Handcream -Really good and cheap handcream.It was limited edition when I bought it,you can see I use it a lot specially in winter.It smells soo good like wild berries and I bought it in DM (drugstore) for€.If you come from Balkan you should buy it or some similar this one,it really helps your dry skin to get soft.

 *3.Fruit tea with raspberry and mangosteen-this smells and tastes amazing,I love fruit teas and this is my number one this winter,brend named Franch I bought it in supermarket for€.

 *4. Lip gloss-I don't put lip gloss really often but when I do I use this one.I ordered it from Avon and it's really good.Your lips look much bigger and better for taking selfie haha,if you know what I mean.It was like .It's in color "watermelon".

 *5.Candles-Every blogger loves candles soo do I.I prefer those with fruit smell and these one are from DM brend Balea.In the packaging came 18 small candles and they cost like 2-3 ,I'm not pretty sure because I got these from my friends as a birthday gift.

 *6. Mascara-Maybelline Great Lash-Lots of lashes is my favourite mascara and must-have make-up product.I use this everyday and it makes my lashes look really long and it easy to take it off and it doesn't leave lumps.You can buy it in drugstore for,it's really cheap.

 *7. Eyeshadow palett-this palett is new,I got it last week from my sister.I love it and I use these eyeshadows often,special the matte ones.Also in the right you get 2 blushes,nice! It was like and she bought it in H&M.

 *8. Concealer-you have to own at least one concealer,this one is from Avon in color medium.I bought it last spring and I started using it now and I'm really satisfied with it.It was .

 *9. Baby Lips-omg this is the best chapstick ever.I really love this in color "Pink Punch",really helps your lips in winter days and it's cheap,every drugstore has it,price .

 *10. Bronzer-I really like using bronzer in winter because I'm really pale then and this Avon Glow Bronzer is perfect for that ! These are bronzing pearls in color warm,I got this brush for free with bronzer.Price.

Hope you like this post ! xoxo,Zerina 

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